Why Be Awesome?

The important word is BE, you can choose to BE whatever you want to BE.

Try it yourself and think about what feels best for you, Be Kind, Be Thankful, Be Grateful….. For me, BE AWESOME works best but my children prefer EPIC.

The precise definition of awesome is personal but it is at the root of everything that gives us a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, meaning and progress. In these pages, I have laid out 10 simple laws, rules or guidelines (call them whatever you will) that I use to keep me on track.

Each of them can be further investigated and expanded and some will be relevant to you now, while others may not, and some may be helpful in the future. I accept that there are many other aspects to explore – things like spirituality, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-mastery – and I will happily discuss these things here. The important thing to understand that there is no one answer, only the answer that works for YOU, right now.

If you are able, and you are, to adjust your behaviour with these laws; you will be gain more control over your own future, increase your freedom, self-determination and take the responsibility for your own development firmly on your own shoulders.  It is almost inevitable.

You can choose to engage with life in this way, or not. Being Awesome is not always easy but the rewards are great. When you truly understand that the only person that can control your mood and your emotions is you, then you are able to measure your reaction to each event and circumstance.

You won’t always get it right, I don’t, nor do I think that anybody does but you will be involved in the process and capable of making adjustments, making amends if necessary and continuing to move forward.

Life presents us with opportunities to Be-Awesome almost constantly, so when you make this a central goal, life will always appear to be full of opportunity. It is a cliche but Life is a Journey, in fact I would even contract that statement and instead say that Life is. It just is.

The desire to Be-Awesome is nothing less than the love of existence, the love of life – a passion for being here and a deep desire to fully explore life.  When you commit to aligning your actions with the principles embedded in these 10 Laws, you also commit to making the most of the life you have been given – all of it.

What greater gift could you possibly give to yourself, or to the world, than that?

I hope that you can join me on the journey.

Be Awesome,