Are You Tired of Playing Small?

You have the ability to be whatever you want to be, to do what you want to do and live life to the full. If you believe that you have more to offer the world – that you can be Happier, Healthier and generally more Awesome then you the in the right place!


Why Be Awesome?

What is at stake? You can continue to do what you have always done and continue to get the results that you have always had. Nothing needs to change because you are content with your life and feel that nothing needs to change.

“That’s Awesome!”

If that is true for you, then it is nice to have you around and I look forward to your contribution.

However, there are many of you that have been searching for ways to improve, to be a slighter better version of yourselves. I am one of those people. I read a thousand self-help books, attended seminars and completed online classes. I followed all of the instructions, made lists, set goals, wrote plans and generally got lost in business (or busy-ness).

Some things worked for a while but I soon slipped back into an empty feeling. Things just didn’t feel right. The problem was that I was lost on my own thoughts. When I realized that – everything changed.

Be Awesome, if you want to be. The important thing is that you Be whatever you want to Be!

About Me

I am the loving Father of two wonderful boys. I don’t see as much of them as I would like as I am no longer married to their Mother. It was the events surrounding the divorce that set me off on this journey of self-discovery.

I thought that I had done pretty well in life. I joined the Royal Air Force straight from school, in fact they sponsored me for the last two years of school and I first flew solo just after my 17th birthday. My career in the RAF went pretty well, as a Pilot I had the opportunity to fly a wide selection of aircraft and I got a good look at the world.

I met a girl, we got married and started a family. Bought a pretty house in a small English village, where the boys could walk to school every day. I had it sorted, or so I thought.

My work took me away from home quite a lot and our relationship paid the price.

So! I’m not a relationship expert!

However, I have learnt more about the human condition over the past 4 years than I ever did in my 23 years in the RAF. I was not being true to myself, doing things that mattered and making a positive difference to the world.

I could go on but it would be of no value to you. I want you to take every opportunity offered to you that aligns with what you want and who you are. Only you can answer those two questions but many people never ask themselves.

You have read this far….maybe you are a little different?


How Can I Serve You?

I believe that everyone has the potential to be whatever they want to be but it is easy to give in to fear. It takes a certain amount of courage to lean into these fears but the results can be Awesome!

What is Be-Awesome about?

If you cultivate the right mindset and attitude then anything is possible. We all have a duty to positively impact the world we live in by using our unique gifts and talents to do something that matters. Playing small is not only a disservice to ourselves but to the world.

Life is an adventure and a journey, it is better than to live it fully than feel like a prisoner to circumstance. When you choose courage in the face of fear, you release your inner strength that has the potential to transform your life. The power lies within and transformation happens from the inside-out.


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Be-Awesome Coaching

I am a little picky with the people that I form a coaching relationship with. I am not here to be your new best friend or offer endless tasks for you to complete. I enjoy working with people that have a powerful mission and the vision to create something in this world.

If you are passionate, have a track record of success but feel that things could be a little more Awesome, then I would love to have a conversation with you.

I work this way because I am NOT a therapist – some people may need systems and practices that I am in no position to prescribe.

However, if you are determined, committed and positive. If you refuse to accept ‘impossible’ and you want to create a life you love, whilst doing work that matters, and which brings purpose and meaning to your life. Then we can have a beautiful relationship.


When you make a decision to invest in coaching, you’re really making an investment in yourself. I offer a space for you to have a conversation that you may not have had with anybody else.

As a coach, it is my job to ask you powerful questions that will enable you to discover what you really want and who you are.

I provide encouragement and support on your journey, if required. I will always be available for you – electronically – but will not live in your pocket. We are searching for the answers that are already within you. My role is also to challenge, speak the truth and encourage you to think bigger.

Sometimes, I see the possibilities you can’t yet see for yourself and assist you to see your world differently.

Your dreams often lie just beyond your comfort zone. You must be willing for us to go there together.


I do not offer coaching until both you and I have experienced the impact of my coaching on you. So it all starts with a conversation. Although I prefer to work over Skype or Google Hangouts, there is great power in face – to – face conversations and all options can be considered.

I only offer coaching to people I deeply believe in, who I’m inspired by, and who are out to create something great in the world.

All of my coaching relationships are bespoke and tailored uniquely to you.

Coaching with me involves time spent in powerful conversation and my full and committed support outside of those conversations.


I work with very few clients at any one time but if you’re ready to go deep in order to take your life and your vision to the next level, contact me here.

Yes – I host events also, details to follow… :)